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Our growth as a nation is under the shadow of slavery and will be forever indebted, so as long as the debt for said labor goes unpaid. America brutalized slaves to get erect industries, build ecosystems, while shoved in the front of cannons, as they were asked to fight our wars. So potentially every skyscraper and Government Building that casts its shadow on us is slavery shadowing us. Yes, we dwell in the shadow of slavery. Let’s talk about how we are still living in the shadow of slavery?

Traditionally, slaves would work for their masters and make them richer along with the overall economy. Isn’t this the case with corporate employees? For me, it is very similar, but only in how labor is devalued to gain leverage over the common man. Slaves had no offs from work while their masters basked in the midsummer sun. Employees witness similar, but with safer "gameplay" and of course the ability to own ones body as a commodity, they are still asked to show gratitude for a days off after debilitating work tied to survival.

Like slaves who demanded freedom and would become rebels, dead bodies or collateral to be captured for brokerage, we have been strategically "enslaved" through suppression of wages and labor. We are provided promotions, wage raises for those who capitulate to institutional protocols, and some "benefits" to keep serving the founders and owners. We live in the shadow of slavery and we might love to get a pay-raise, but that’s reminiscent to how slaves who would be treated once a month with some butter over his otherwise plain piece of biscuit, further positioning the employee in an ecosystem dependent upon capitulation.

So what exactly is living in the shadow of slavery? It is to be comfortable in the shade of institutional tradition and bondage rather than acknowledge the exploitative and oppressive patterns our institutions through decorum. Inducing the idea that the remuneration against capitulation to the employer is soothing and freedom. Shadow of slavery is just a minimalist view of the more rigorist physical and brutal turmoil of the bare feet and ripped back of a traditional American slave. I believe it is the ability to accept what capitalism offers you rather than what you deserve. You dream and navigate limited by the will of your employer or the lack of political will by the elected and some rich bureaucrats designing the economic policy.

I would say that slavery still shadows America and the ecosystem developed around Black Codes are still prevailing practices that seem as if slavery just got mascara on her face. Indebted to the owners of a kiln, parents their off-springs and their coming generations will all made to work to repay what their forefathers borrowed. "Slavery" of the 21st century is a description of modern slavery and its beginning. The amount borrowed can be repaid but with interest accumulating, as wealth calcifies on the back of American legacy. There slavery transitioned to sustain itself into the corporate employee, who works to help the business earn millions and is asked to be happy with a couple of thousand bucks! And on top of that, they demand them to be grateful and work harder if we want more.

American Chattel Slavery is not to be confused with any other forms of slavery as the mechanics revolutionized what we see as the pinnacle of labor exploitation and only modified later to be sustainable.

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